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As a strategy to help successfully manage the signs and symptoms of scleroderma, and as a way for patients to stay informed about medical treatments and lifestyle choices that effectively relieve or delay the progress of disease symptoms, many new patients find it helpful to seek support from other people diagnosed with scleroderma.  It is important that scleroderma patients receive good medical care and support from as many different sources as possible:  health care professionals, family and friends, and others living with scleroderma.  Knowing that one is not alone in their diagnosis and management of a chronic systemic autoimmune disease may be helpful, as it provides the opportunity to build connections with others who are learning to manage, with scleroderma, the variety of issues that affect their daily lives.

   Click here to download a copy of the Scleroderma Society of Ontario's brochure "Supporting Persons with Scleroderma at Home, Work & School".

Location Name Telephone / E-Mail
Belle River
Kandy Kurkcuyan (519) 979-6447
Halton John Littler (905) 849-8356

Isabel Sevsek

(905) 388-4337

London Bea Kiekens

(519) 641-6275

  Sharon Ames 519-434-6034
Midland/Orillia Jeannette Brunelle

(705) 526-9869


Jennifer Botelho

(416) 828 4647

Niagara/St. Catharines Barry Toth

(905) 646-8064

North York Nancy Morency

Ottawa Catherine Fortuné
(613) 274-0086
Pembroke Ralph Bergsma

(613) 735-3313

Sarnia Susan Dunn (519) 541-1064
Scarborough Naana Daniels

(905) 686-7265

Thunder Bay Rose Marie McCracken (807) 344-8345
Tillsonburg Julie Desplenter

(519) 842-3451

Toronto Maria Colavecchia


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